Friday, March 28, 2008

Cookies and Aprons & Other News

How time flies!! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post!! Over spring break I helped my daughter with her My Space. I joined a new net work The Apronista, it's like "My Space" for apron lovers, with forums and other fun!! But I never got around to posting on my blog.

Speaking of aprons, I recently completed an apron that my daughter and I had been working on. I wish I had a photo of her wearing it, but she seems to be a moving target this time of year. The machine embroidery designs are from Anita GoodDesign's "Tween Cutie" collection.




What to do, what to do? No brown sugar? Yes, can you believe it my daughter needed to take cookies to school, but when I went to the pantry there was no brown sugar. Of course I could have added molasses to the white sugar or even gone to the store, but as I was looking in the pantry I remembered a recipe for Melt In Your Mouth Sugar Cookies that I had made in the past. These cookies were so wonderful they truly melted in your mouth. So off I went to my recipe files. The cookies were so yummy. I thought I would share the recipe with my blogger friends.


Melt In Your Mouth Sugar Cookies

preheat oven to 375 degrees

1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup white sugar
1 cup butter
1 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
1 t vanilla
4 cups + 4 t flour
1 t soda
1 t salt
1 t cream of tarter

Chill for 1 hour (I chill the dough in the freezer if I'm in a hurry).
Form the chilled dough into balls, roll in sugar, and then press with the bottom of a glass.
Bake 10 min., give or take depending on desired doneness.

Other News:
I've been working on an ETSY shop, it is all set up, but I'm not quite ready to share. I need to add to my inventory. I can't decide if I should specialize in one type of item or offer up a variety of things. I would love suggestions. I hope to have it ready to share next week.

Thought I'd share a pic of my little ones on Easter.


Fancy that, cookies, aprons, and kiddos, what could be better!!!



Sandy said...

Love the apron, and the cookies and the ADORABLE EASTER kids!!! :)

Lei said...

cute apron and my do those cookies look delicious!

Thimbleanna said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing the recipe. The apron is adorable -- not to mention those cute, cute kids!

Felicia said...

Love your apron :)

Skye Rocket Sews said...

Yum! We'll be trying those cookies on the weekend.
I know what you mean about the etsy shop.I wanted to keep mine very stylised and clean and simple and stick to one or two types of product,something akin to a gallery space.
My hubby then pointed out that it is a shop and I should offer as many things as I can at first to test out the waters and see what works.
Good luck,it's very addictive checking how many people look at your stuff.
Hope that helps,

A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

Your cookies look delicious - I plan on making a batch over the weekend. Your daughters apron looks terrific - I love seeing pink and lime together. The embroidery elements really finish it off. Lisa


Hello! Thanks for the comment. Your children are adorible!...and for an opinion with your etsy shop, it would be neat to include all sorts of things you make that way you can see what sells the best and also bring in all sorts of crowds that like different stuff. :)

Julie said...

I loved the apron colors. I admire your talent.

Your children are absolutely beautiful, handsome, and adorable.

Shawnee said...

The cookies sound delish! I posted a how-to on my blog if you want to know how to make the Red Velvet Cake Balls. They were quite the hit!

Gina said...

Oh such a pretty apron, yummy cookies and a beautiful family!!! said...

Hi!! Ooo yummy yummy coookies!!! i want to make them now!! Oh, look at all of those amazing faces!!!

Natasha said...

Yes thank you I needed a good sugar cookie recipe!! Can't wait to try them, (did I just hear my waistband groan-hmmmm). The apron is adorable too!