Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've been telling my oldest daughter that we would make something special to hang above her bed for months. We saved little snip'its, tags, bags, and paper...it took sleet and snow to keep us home...but we've finally done it. I love the way it reflects her personal style.



Fancy that, a project long invisioned finally comes together!


elizabeth said...

too cute! nice job!

Claire said...

Nice! Thanks for stopping by :)

Lei said...

Collages are so fun aren't they? So glad to reunite with you out here in blogland! Thanks for coming by and saying hi again!

Natasha said...

THat is a really neat idea! I love that it is such a showcase of what she loves!

grace said...

isn't it great to have something in mind and finally see it through to fruition!? great work indeed. :)

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