Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spread Your Wings and Fly

My mother has a "butterfly garden", and every year the kids love to watch the caterpillars as they gather on the fennel bush. They always bring one or two home, and observe them as they make their cocoons and wait for them to open into beautiful butterflies.

As we were preparing to go out of town, a few weeks ago, my oldest heard something rustle and notices that the butterfly had opened. What a lovely surprise!

Speaking of beautiful surprises...Check out this cute dress my mom made for "Big Sis" she started with a tank top cut it to a shorter length than gathered a great floral fabric and attached it to tank top :) How cute it that! "Big Sis" added a cute belt, necklace and jacket for the perfect look.

Fancy That, beautiful surprises all around! Keep a look out, you never know when something beautiful will be headed your way ;) DeeLight